Many people have a garbage disposal. It is a great appliance that makes kitchen cleanup less demanding. Although, if not operated with proper care the garbage disposal can shut down, clog the drains and cause many other extensive problems.

Small amounts of food is preferred.

Putting large amounts of food down the garbage disposal isn’t a good idea. The food gets chopped up and flows down through a small pipe before it is pushed to a larger pipe. However it usually sits in a pile waiting for a force to carry it through the pipes, if this force doesn’t happen than you have a clogged pipe in the plumbing of your home. This can be a very expensive and messy repair. Feed your garbage disposal a little at a time while running cold water from the faucet. This will help food flow smoothly through the pipes.

Removing Fallen Objects

Objects that fall down the disposal that will not decompose can dull or jam the blades of the disposal. NEVER STICK YOUR HAND DOWN THE DISPOSAL. Use a flashlight and a long handled tool to grab the object and remove it safely.

Sharpening the Disposal Blades

You can easily sharpen the blades in your garbage disposal and clean them by placing a few ice cubes in, grinding them and flushing the disposal with cold water. This can also help remove buildup. To further clean and de-scale your disposal, pour a cup of vinegar in and let it sit for an hour or so and then flush it with hot water. You should do this procedure about twice a year. For added scent grind a few citrus peels.

If these suggested tips do not solve the problem, call Advanced Appliance Services at (912) 756-4474 for fast professional appliance repair.