Preventive Maintenance is the key to maximum running efficiency, less down time, and longer life out of an ice machine. Ice machines should be cleaned once every 3 months for maximum results.

As ice forms on an ice machine evaporator plate, a separation occurs. Minerals separate from the water and form scale which sticks to the surfaces of the water system components. This scale will be more visible when the surfaces are dry. The color of the scale will vary due to the type of minerals in the local water supply. As an example, lime or calcium scale will be off white in color while iron scale will turn a rusty red color. Algae or slime growth may also occur in some locations. This is due to air or water-borne bacteria which can settle in the wet areas and grow.

This scale build-up on the evaporator plate insulates the freezing surface and impedes heat transfer. If the scale build-up remains, the ice cubes will stick to the plate and not harvest properly. As the next cycle continues, excessive ice will freeze on the evaporator plate. The scale build-up must be removed. This is accomplished by running cleaning solution throughout the system. Cleaning instructions are generally included in the instruction manual shipped with the unit. If these units are not regularly maintained, an appliance technician will need to either professionally remove the scale and/or replace the damaged parts for this unit to function properly.

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